Tottenham fans react to news that new stadium won’t have ‘Cheese Room’


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Followers of Spurs have taken to Twitter this night to react to the information that the membership’s new stadium won't embrace the previously-discussed cheese room.

Tottenham’s stadium venture

Spurs’ new stadium has been beneath development since 2015.

The bottom is about to switch long-time residence of the capital outfit, White Hart Lane.

Nevertheless, quite a few delays have seen the official opening date of the brand new stadium repeatedly pushed again.

The newest of those was introduced final week, when it was confirmed that the membership’s North London derby conflict with Arsenal on the 2nd of March would happen at Wembley:

‘We will at present report that remedial works on the security methods within the new stadium are close to completion and we will then transfer ahead to the ultimate levels of testing the hearth detection and alarm system and its integration with the opposite security techniques.’

‘The success of this testing is crucial to our capability to acquire a security certificates and open the stadium.’

‘We will affirm, subsequently, that we will play our Premier League match towards Arsenal on Saturday 2 March at 12.30pm at Wembley Stadium.’

Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino subsequently went on to reveal his opinion final Friday that he views it as unlikely that his aspect shall be plying their commerce within the membership’s new stadium by the top of the season:

‘My intestine feeling [is that] it is going to be robust, however I hope and I want to be within the new stadium.’

The cheese room is not any extra…

Regardless of the case could also be, one piece of data relating to Tottenham’s new residence has this night been made crystal clear.

And that's that the bottom will, opposite to earlier stories, not include a much-vaunted cheese room.

In an unique replace, the Guardian have revealed that the North Londoners by no means truly deliberate on introducing such a room within the first place.

‘Can't include my fury’

As such, the Tottenham trustworthy have since taken to Twitter in numbers to react to the information, with a number of the highlights showcased under:

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