Nemanja Matic & Alexis Sanchez: Man United news before Barcelona


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Barcelona vs Man United

On Tuesday night time on the Camp Nou, Man United will face Spanish giants Barcelona.

Barcelona are 1-nil up of their Champions League quarterfinal tie with the Pink Devils.

An personal aim from Luke Shaw – the left-back turned a Luis Suarez into the United internet – earned Barca victory at Previous Trafford.

Can Man United flip the tie round?

Optimists will factors to Man United’s Three-1 win at PSG as a supply of inspiration.

Nevertheless the overriding feeling is that Barca will KO United.

Nemanja Matic & Alexis Sanchez

Following Man United’s 2-1 win over West Ham, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer indicated that Alexis Sanchez will return for the Barcelona recreation.

Within the Times on Monday, the Sanchez replace is once more confirmed together with constructive information relating to Nemanja Matic:

Solskjaer’s choices are boosted by the return of Matic and Sánchez.

(Ander) Herrera continues to be injured and won't journey with the remainder of the squad.

The Man United gamers who don’t match the system

Occasions journalist Paul Hirst has additionally listed seven Man United first group gamers who might face the axe at Previous Trafford.

That case is made that none of those gamers – proper now, a minimum of – supply the attacking menace United demand:

The very fact is that almost all of the gamers presently at (Solskjaer’s) disposal usually are not ok to play enterprising soccer.

Juan Mata is an excellent technical participant, however he slows down the transition from defence to assault; Romelu Lukaku is usually too cumbersome; Alexis Sánchez is previous his greatest; Ander Herrera doesn't supply as a lot going ahead as he used to; Scott McTominay continues to be studying his commerce; Nemanja Matic is technically sound however not cellular sufficient. Fred continues to be discovering his ft within the Premier League.

Additionally see: Paul Pogba’s superior stats vs Liverpool’s Firmino & Arsenal’s Lacazette.

Man United & Christian Eriksen: Dane’s lucrative offer to leave Tottenham.


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