CAUGHT ON TAPE: Full Transcript Detailing Frantic Attempts By CBN Gov. Emefiele, Top CBN Officials To Cover-Up Stolen N500bn Pt2


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Following an genuine telephone dialog as confirmed by the Central Bank of Nigeria between the governor of the financial institution, Godwin Emefiele, deputy governor, Edward Lamtek Adamu and Dayo Arowosegbe, particular adviser to Emefiele, SaharaReporters presents the complete transcript of the second part conversation which particulars a frantic effort by all concerned to cowl up lacking N500bn which was invested in a personal enterprise that flopped.

-Telephone Rings-


CBN GOV. EMEFIELE: Edward are you able to please step apart?&

CBN DEPUTY GOV. EDWARD ADAMU: Okay sir...& - Not clear –

CBN GOV. EMEFIELE: I'm not too pleased that Arowosegbe led us like this.

CBN DEPUTY GOV. EDWARD: In reality, that was what I used to be asking, I stated we've an& impression that we had 500 billion, he stated no. I stated however that was the& impression till the top of the yr.

CBN GOV. EMEFIELE: Ahhh! What are we going to do?

CBN DEPUTY GOV. EDWARD: You recognize... that’s what I advised him.

CBN GOV. EMEFIELE: alongside all of us thought he had that however it was very& surprising to listen to that apparently, it was not 500 already know.

CBN DEPUTY GOV. EDWARD: That’s the key situation.

CBN GOV. EMEFIELE: Ahh! ...Ye! I don die now the place I'm going see cash.

CBN DEPUTY GOV. EDWARD: What I advised them is, let’s take a look at our revenue if there's something& we will do round that space, you realize, that is perhaps an choice.& &

CBN DEPUTY GOV. EDWARD: As a result of, now, we're in a really& dangerous state of affairs. He actually didn’t give us full info.

CBN GOV. EMEFIELE: I used to be like, God, he did an excellent job,& he didn’t move time he left. How do I deal with this?

CBN GOV. EMEFIELE: We've to rack our mind and get one thing& out as a result of we will’t afford it in any respect, not presently.

CBN GOV. EMEFIELE: Opposition will say it ought to have depreciated& within the challenge.

CBN GOV. EMEFIELE: Opposition will say it ought to have depreciated& within the undertaking.

CBN GOV. EMEFIELE: ...after which overseas investor wouldn't start to& panic and take their cash out as a result of they might say it will depreciate.&


EDWARD: Precisely, sure. There can be panic out there and& we will’t take this at this stage, in any respect. We now have to get a approach out.& We're simply discussing now in what are the chances,& what you are able to do. We'll get again to you.&


CBN GOV. EMEFIELE: I’m simply getting hopeless about it as a result of I‘m& nonetheless considering which method I ought to go.

CBN DEPUTY GOV. EDWARD: Sure, that's actually the duty now.&

CBN GOV. EMEFIELE: If there's a place yow will discover cash. Ahhh!&

CBN DEPUTY GOV. EDWARD: We’ll have to think about a method out as a result of we can't afford it& in any respect. The implications are simply too many to even take into consideration& and damaging. We can't permit this like this, we can't.&

CBN GOV. EMEFIELE: To keep away from any significant issue is simply, the federal government to should& agree to offer us at the very least 100 billion money however authorities& won't agree. They may kick towards it.&

CBN DEPUTY GOV. EDWARD: Sure, they'll kick towards it. Actually. That may have been an excellent one however the problem is find out how to& get again to them however it is going to be very troublesome, virtually unimaginable.&

- Breathes closely –

CBN GOVERNOR: The implication for the financial system is... no no,no.& I’m simply considering if there's surplus of 1 naira, simply give us& then we’ll start to refund you in 2019. I can’t even discover the& companions now as a result of I can't speak to the actual companions like Ayo.
Ayo isn't choosing my name and I’m not used to the CI partener.& I don’t’ know him, it’s solely Dayo that I do know and Dayo has retired.& Hmnn... Oh God!

EDWARD: You’ll have to think about one thing. We actually miss. It's a unhappy one. We’ll have to return out of it one way or the other.& If solely we will say there's cash right here however I can’t discover. I stored on& disturbing this man in December and January however& he stored telling me no drawback. God, this man simply...

& CBN GOVERNOR: It’s a multitude; it’s actually a multitude.

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