Ayoze Perez flirts with possible Tottenham or Everton transfer


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Perez on his approach out of Newcastle?

Newcastle ahead Ayoze Perez has flirted with a risk of leaving the Magpies with each Everton and Tottenham named as potential locations.

The Spanish ahead has impressed for Newcastle this season and his newest sensible efficiency got here final weekend.

Perez scored two objectives within the final 10 minutes of the sport towards Everton to seal all three factors.

Following that, Perez acquired many plaudits for his efficiency.

Now, he’s been talking about his future at St. James’ park and it isn’t nice information for those who’re a Newcastle fan.

Marco Silva

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, ENGLAND – MARCH 09: Marco Silva, Supervisor of Everton confronts officers following the Premier League match between Newcastle United and Everton FC at St. James Park on March 09, 2019 in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. (Photograph by Nigel Roddis/Getty Pictures)

“I hope one thing excellent”

That's as a result of Perez is entertaining the potential of a switch.

The Spanish ahead has defined in an interview with MARCA that he want to return to his homeland and play in La Liga sometime.

Although, when requested about his future with Everton and Tottenham cited as suitors, Perez admitted he hoped for ‘one thing excellent’.

“Sure. I'm very grateful to Newcastle – I've grown and matured right here, however it's apparent that some day I want to come again and play in La Liga,” Perez defined.

When requested ‘there have been loads of admirers: Everton, Tottenham … What does the longer term maintain?’, Perez definitely didn’t draw back from the potential of becoming a member of both group.

“To this present day, I have no idea. I hope one thing excellent. I consider that I've made benefit these 5 years [only 15 games have been lost] so that a good alternative presents itself.”

Everybody noticed Jordan Pickford’s response to Newcastle’s followers after Everton misplaced

One one that wasn’t so completely happy about Perez’s late double towards Everton was Jordan Pickford.

The previous Sunderland star got here in for lots of criticism through the recreation.

Although, it was his response on the finish of the fixture which had individuals speaking.

Click here to see his reaction to the Newcastle fans after losing. 


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